Which artists are you working closely with at the moment?


Life and Death is about to release my first album. It’s a collab between me and Red Axes. The project is called Redrago….check @redrago_ for updates on Instagram. The music we produce together is a mix between psychedelic rock, Kraut and 90’s rave music.


First choice DJ you would like to do a B2B set with?


Job Jobse and Danny Daze are two of my favourite artists to share the decks with. Their diversity and background is  always inspiring. Our sets are full of energy and surprises.


Where was your favourite set?


Its difficult to think of a favourite set. Every set is different but the places where I had the most epic moments are Circoloco, Rakastella and Panorama Bar.


Biggest regret in life?


Thinking that djing was not for me until I changed idea at 40 years old…


Catch DJ Tennis play Terminal V later this month: