Artist Q&A – TERR

Best show you have played and why?

This is very difficult question as I’ve been really lucky that in the last years I am playing so many good shows. I would mention Off Sonar, this year was a very special gig cause I missed my original set time due to a flight cancellation from Ibiza. In the end I played a B2b with Trikk just before Dixon and Motor City Drum Ensemble. It was a very unexpected and amazing surprise! Also I would say that my debut on Panorama Bar was beyond words. Could not be more grateful.


How did you get your foot in the door playing festivals and shows worldwide?

I’ve been making music for a long time, under different names and projects. Terr was born in 2016, I’ve released a lot of singles and EPs on different labels, and everything was gradual from small clubs to festivals and other countries. 

Who inspired you to play the way you do?

I am a fan of a lot of people – musicians, DJs, book authors, friends… Usually creative people, with new and good aesthetic ideas. But I wouldn’t know the answer to who inspired me to play the way I play. I just try to play music with good energy and good ideas, that can make people move on the dancefloor and at the same time has some fresh and interesting vibes. I just want to have a great experience together with the audience.

Who would you love to do a B2B with and why?

With Erol Alkan. I am a long time fan and admirer. I really think that our musical taste is very similar (he has influence in my musical journey) so would be a very interesting b2b. I am very happy to be working on his label right now. I am a huge fan of Phantasy sound and feel glad to be part of it.


Where did the name Terr come from?

It comes from the main character of the French/Czech sci-fi movie Fantastic Planet (1973). It’s one of my favourite movies ever, I’ve seen it a lot of times, it’s very deep and beautiful, and can be understood in many different ways. When I began working on this new material some years ago I wanted a completely new and anonymous name, and I remembered my dear Terrfrom the movie. And… here am I. 

What are your expectations of Terminal V?

I always go to a gig willing to give my best. If the magic happens between me and the audience, then we’ll have an incredible night. I never had a bad experience playing in Scotland, in fact. I’ve been there some times with other projects and the crowd was always really great.

What’s your favourite release so far?

It is impossible to say “this” or “that”, because every music I released so far was important for me, and I worked hard and gave my best to every track I’ve released so far. But if I have to pick one, I would say ‘Tales of Devotion’ because it’s my latest single. It’s a romantic electro disco experience with a lot of vocals and a mix of electronic and acoustic stuff, it took me a lot of time to finish but I love the result.

How would you describe your sound?

That’s a very hard question… I try to always come with different ideais, I have some music that sounds a bit more electro, some other mouse houseish, some old techno stuff, some moroder-disco… I never think too much about what should I do or how should things sound, I simply start jamming with my synths and see where the music takes me. I keep my mind open to all kinds of vibes and ideas. How would I describe it? Well, it’s electronic music with a very strong human touch, lots of melodies and experimentations. I also use a lot of analog stuff, it helps a lot to make things sound warmer and more organic, more human.

What is your favourite thing about Scotland or the Scottish crowd?

As I said before, I’ve never had a bad experience in Scotland, people were always lovely to me and I faced some really incredible crowds. And Scotland has a very strong musical heritage, with so many good and influent bands coming from the country.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

In a good place but for now, I am really trying to keep my focus on the present!