B2B Announcements

Across the Halloween weekend there is guaranteed to be highlights galore.
5 highlights for sure are the back to back sets we have lined up for you.

Without further ado, we can introduce the artists that will be performing together…



One of the newest and most formidable hook-ups in techno which took shape during the recent Berghain stream will feature Marcel Dettmann and DJ Stingray 313. The mighty meeting of techno stretches from Detroit to Berlin and back again and in the process, delivers a show stopping performance that bridges many gaps that include techno, acid, electro and the metallic ambient soundscapes that Berghain is so infamous for. Taking place on our behemoth Area V stage on Saturday, October 30th there will be few acts that will match the sheer force of this duo.



A firm Terminal V favourite Hessle Audio co-founder Ben UFO is somewhat of an anomaly. It would seem that there is no two tracks that Ben cannot mix together. His penchant for high tempo irregular yet infectious rhythms ensure that his sets always brim with character. He will be facing off against one of our weekend residents, the queen of electro techno – Helena Hauff. Her uncompromising machine music combined with Ben UFO’s leftfield track selection will perhaps be the draw of the day on Saturday at the Hangar stage where there will be a further two B2B sets. Just make sure you pack an open mind and a steely resolve.



At The Hangar for another selector heavy face off and our final back to back set. Stepping up to the decks firstly is Moxie, an artist that served her time on the nation’s airwaves and so a pristine musical knowledge is a must. Joining her will be the simply uplifting Shanti Celeste, form her own Peach Discs imprint that bears her self-designed art work to her vibe heavy DJ sets Shanti and Moxie back to back has classic written all over it and you can catch it on Saturday, October 30th.



Moving over to The Terminal stage and two our long running artists and weekend residents will be joining forces to present a unique techno trip worthy of such an occasion. We Are The Brave boss and force of techno nature Alan Fitzpatrick is first to step up to the plate. His muscular slant on big room techno has found its way onto many of the genres top labels that include REKID, Cocoon Recordings and many others but it is Drumcode that he shares a home with his sparring partner Rebūke. This Irish lad may just be starting out on his journey but he is picking up speed and if his ‘Wasp’ EP is anything to go by it won’t be long before he is back.



 We head back over to The Hangar stage for another back to back performance bursting with flair and imagination. Firstly, perhaps the trans community’s finest DJ duo in Eris Drew & Octo Octa. Partners in every sense of the word their electrically eclectic back to back sets shoe horn many styles into just one transition never mind a whole set. With distinct rave roots both artists meet at a heady crossroads that includes only the finest jams, sickest grooves and gnarliest basslines.