Going Green

For October 2019, we launched an initiative that would drastically impact Terminal V’s carbon footprint and operating strategy.  From the bars (including all aspects of food and beverage consumption) to production, marketing, transport and customer interaction. The aim of the initiative is to increase environmental sustainability across the entire festival site. This initiative will be closely documented and evaluated for a full report at the end of 2020.



Eradicate single-use plastic on-site by 2020

Use Terminal V’s influence and reach to raise customer awareness on environmental issues

Produce an environmentally sustainable yet financially viable music festival



Zero Single-Use Plastic (Bars + Traders)

Environmental Officers and Recycling Teams

Mixed Recycling Stations



Reduction in Power Consumption

 Waste and Recycling Strategy

Zero Single-Use Plastic Across Site

Sourcing Goods/Services Locally  To Reduce Carbon Miles

Raising Customer and Employee Awareness of Environmental Sustainability Issues