Take Care

Terminal V already has a great reputation for customer behaviour and safety, we want to keep it this way. Our aim is to give every one of you a fun and amazing experience to remember, but we want you to do this safely.  Music festivals can be an overwhelming environment to be in.

Have as much fun as you can, at the same time take care and look out for each other.

This extends to the wider Terminal V Community, we’re all here to have a great day. If you see someone who looks worse for wear or needs help, do what’s right and check on them, stay calm and alert one of our security or welfare teams if it’s needed.


If you’ve attended Terminal V festival before, you’ll know there is a ZERO TOLERANCE approach to drugs. Terminal V work closely with Police Scotland and event Security/Safety to review and improve the already robust search/security measures we have in place.

These measures prevent the chance of organised crime and help make Terminal V a safe festival to attend.

Anyone found in possession of drugs or selling drugs at Terminal V may face prosecution. Please don’t ruin your day, we urge you not to bring or use illegal drugs at our festival.

If you decide to bring drugs to the festival and have a moment of clarity on your way in to the site, it’s not too late. Use the AMNESTY BINS (a place you can safely dispose of any drugs, without getting into trouble) located before the queue and search lanes at the site entrance.

Remember, the police and security team are ultimately on site to keep you safe, if you’re nice to them they even smile!



It’s not a race, make sure you drink sensibly and also lots of water, Terminal V is an all day event. Pace yourself.

Alcohol affects your body’s responses. It slows down your brain which can mean you’re at higher risk of having an accident or becoming a target of crime. If you or someone needs help, make one of the security or welfare teams aware.

Terminal V is a safe event to attend, you all play a part in that. Please act responsibly!



It’s important to stay together and look after each other. Leaving your friends whilst drinking can lead to situations you didn't expect to find yourself in.

Here are some tips on staying in reach of you friends;

1. WhatsApp: Keep in touch on the night and check everyone got home OK by making a ‘night out’ WhatsApp group.

2. The Meeting point: In case you lose your friends and your phone dies, agree an easy place to meet up at the start of the event.

3. Stick together: Staying together is the best way to make the most of your night out.


Our on-site welfare team TLC are here to help and look after you if you've found yourself in a situation you need help with.

If you need some assistance, ask Security for details of where to find the welfare team.


Staying hydrated is essential!  Free water is available from all bars at Terminal V.