Production – What to expect?

Production is the backbone of Terminal V. The audience’s experience lies at the heart of all our events and ‘The Reckoning’ is no exception. We have become more than just an event at an indoor venue. Much time and attention to detail has been spent on developing Terminal V over the last 2.5 years.

The Reckoning has given us an opportunity to completely evolve The Terminal V brand in ways of production and creative to help us deliver the experience and concept of entering into the world of Terminal V.. We have spend time in attention to detail to really develop this over the last 6 months since Terminal V – The Rising at Easter

Each Stage is designed to be individual in style but compliment one another.  There will be over 2,500 lighting fixtures across 6 stages and over 200 square metres of video effects. The entire site will be tied together with set, lighting and sound to create a totally immersive experience. All our stage sets are made from scratch and have never been seen before and…won’t be seen again!



For the PA, we will have 2 articulated trucks full of D&B Audiotechnic systems. We have moved away from the standard setup of two large speaker stacks and instead opted for multiple delay systems. This means that wherever you are on the dance floor, the music is focused entirely on YOU.

Terminal V has been instrumental in bringing large set designs to festivals in Scotland. We like to deliver the same experience throughout the full dancefloor, not just the stage.The production effects for ‘The Reckoning’  are on a larger scale than ever seen at a UK Festival before, in this way. It is a unique experiential environment delivered at each stage and enough variety to electrify the senses.

To make all this happen we needed 48 tonnes of PA, 126 tonnes of Lighting and rigging, 1200 square metres of bespoke set and a crew of over 240 people!