Terminal V Podcast 007 || Felix Kröcher

There are few artists that have shaped the techno landscape like Felix Kröcher. From his home town of Frankfurt Felix has worked tirelessly to deliver his own high-quality brand of techno to the ears of the world’s techno fans. A regular on the large-scale events circuit it is probably easier to list the marque events that Felix has not performed at. Events such as Time Warp, May Day, Awakenings and of course Berlin’s fabled Love Parade have all been conquered by Felix.

Since those hard and fast days Felix has continued to grow and incorporate more melodic elements into his sound palette. The result is an artist that has been there and done most things in the genre but is still able to evolve. We welcome Felix Kröcher to our podcast series where he lays down an impressive amalgamation of sound which covers his impressive 20+ year and counting career on the world’s biggest stages.


Welcome Felix, you have an impressive 20+ years in the game under your belt, how did you celebrate such a milestone?

Hey guys, thanks for having me! Yes, that’s a long time indeed! We had planned a tour and album for 2020 to celebrate this milestone.

Due to Covid, we have delayed this a bit, still, we’ll celebrate more than ever, one things come back to normal again! It’s amazing to look back on so many amazing memories!

Can you explain what keeps you so driven after over 2 decades in the industry?

The music and the people! It’s amazing to see people can connect through music on so many levels. After all these years being on stage and seeing all these emotions is something I’m never getting tired of!

Do you still hold on to the tools of the trade from the beginning of your career such as old synths, drum machines, and vinyl?

Of course! I always love to combine older fashioned tools with newer ones! I think especially older synths or drum machines have this special character in their sound!

If you could give your younger self one piece of advice when starting out what would it be?

I think, especially when starting, it’s important to make the music that fits yourself. Don’t look at what other artists or producers do. Hear on yourself and be authentic, that is what makes you unique!

Moving on to your newer tracks, you have been working with vocalists more and more in your tracks recently. Is this a subconscious direction or something perhaps that you recognised was before missing in your musical journey?

I love working with vocals! It just adds another interesting layer to the track. The past year I have been working with the amazing artists Haptic, Cari Golden & LMNL.

I think it’s something I want to put more focus on in future times. I enjoy the more emotional side of melodic techno right now.

Your track ‘Hope For’ has undoubted connotations to the current situation, what are you hoping for in 2021 or even 2022?

Yes! ‘Hope For’ stands for a positive state of thinking, even in times like now, where it might be difficult! I hope that especially clubs and festivals can survive these difficult times and that we can be together really soon!

What else have you been cooking up in the studio lately and when can we hear it?

I am currently finalizing a new single together with LMNL, a greatly talented vocalist I have been working together lately on ‘Light On You’. He’s an extraordinary talent and I can’t wait for the single to come out. It’s called ‘I Am The Night’.

Given your history with techno and its harder genres, will there be a return to these styles at any point in the future?

Nowadays I try to keep a good balance – between my roots and new influences of music like the melodic side of techno you guys have been recognizing as well! I think it’s always to develop as an artist!

Talk us through your mix for us Felix? Can you explain your track choice, vibe you were going for, and how you used your new CDJ3000’s to their fullest?

With the mix for you guys, I tried to combine all my musical influences I got at the moment! Melodic Techno on the one hand and harder driven tracks on the other! You can expect a bunch of great new material from artists like Mind Against, Artbat, Kevin de Vries and more.

Interview by  Stu Todd