Terminal V Podcast 014 || DEAS

Krakow based artist DEAS has already tasted success on more than a few occasions thanks to his stunning productions. This is certainly no coincidence and the bangers just keep on coming with every release. Having put in the hours in the studio to finely tune his sonic arsenal 2021 is beginning to turn a corner and the future is looking bright. Very bright. 

The podcast from DEAS is a rapid fire tour de force through techno and covers an impressive amount of ground. Just make sure you can keep up with the pace set as continues to make his ascent. DEAS has one problem and that is how does he choose which one of his bangers to drop next.


Thanks for joining our podcast series, where are we speaking to you from?

Hello, thank you for having me 🙂 I’m in Krakow on my couch 🙂

With such a multi-cultural history how does your background inform your musical style?

Frankly speaking I don’t hear any special influences from my national backgrounds. Greece and Belgium was long time ago when I was kid. I’d say that today different influences are coming from all the corners of the world, it is enough to have an open mind.

Where did you discover techno and who was the big influence in the beginning?

I don’t remember this one moment that I discovered techno for the first time. The whole techno experience is quite morphing with no exact pinpoints and it is evolving over the course of time. On the other hand, I exactly know who is my big inspiration and here I can point to two giants Robert Hood and Richie Hawtin.

You’re based in Poland at the moment, would you say this is the scene you most identify with?

For sure. So far, I played most of my gigs in Poland in clubs all over the country or numerous summer event and festivals. This is the place where I live and write my music. Saying that I consider myself an open-minded person hungry for new experiences all over the world. Its only just when I have started to travel more often abroad a pandemic had broken out. So, answering your question yes it the scene I identify with but m really looking forward to having more opportunities to travel.

2020 was a busy year for you production wise, was this schedule planned or just the way the releases came about?

In 2020, I spend so many hours in the studio. Two of the 2020 releases were signed in 2019, ‘Index’ and ‘Dark Illusion’ but all the rest I did in 2020. ‘Theory’ and ‘1997’ I wrote in the first quarter of 2020 when corona had just started.

First I had my doubts if people continue to listen to club oriented music in no-club environment but these doubts were wrong. What is even more important is that studio is not only work for me, it is also kind of therapy.

I was surprised when ‘Theory’ made it to then 1st place in releases in raw-techno on Beatport and then ‘1997’ we’ve sold -out super-fast with already two additional re-presses (now we are thinking about yet another re-press). Later release on ‘Dynamic Reflection’ did also very well. I’m happy that people still listen and buy music.

Are these tracks mostly made around the same time period or are they fairly spread out?

Hmm I’m a conceptual guy. When I feel the flow, and have idea I record 2/3 or more tracks in one week, this for me is like one journey. To start a new journey, I need a new trigger or inspiration.

How important was it for you to release music during this time?

Super important! Without gigs without people around I have started to feel a bit alone and separated from the world. I consider writing music my day job and I do not see me in other areas of work than studio. To be100% correct I also used this time in the other studio related project like making sound design for computer game and also mix and mastering services for other artists.

How has 2021 treated you so far?

It is ok however I have high hopes for summer or at least autumn. I really hope to be back on the road again.

You have already had some great releases this year, namely Materia’s 20th release, what do you have cooking in the studio?

I have already a few EP’s finished and ready to be released! 🙂 Just looking for a good home for them 🙂 As already mentioned apart from my studio work I’m also a mixing and mastering guy as well.

If you are asking what I have been working privately I have to mention my next vinyl release is one thing. Apart from the finished tracks I also have quite a few projects that are 70-80% finished. Let’s see if I can bring them to 100%.

Techno is a genre that is constantly looking forward, yet backwards at the same time. Do you think there will always be a home for vinyl as a performance format?

I’m not a wizard so I don’t know if vinyl will survive forever but in my opinion good vinyl sales results is somehow simple to explain. Vinyl is the still best physically format for music, people have a deep need for have something physical. Vinyl is a really nice thing to have that you can touch and even smell and very nice item for your collection.

We hear you are working on your own vinyl only label, tell us more about it? What’s your vision for techno?

Hey! how do you know about it? 😀 It will not be only vinyl label but yes first we will release vinyl only as this format is important for us. I’m doing it with Marco Gijsen who is the owner of Triple Vision distribution and friend of mine Piotr / Leon who is my long-term supporter and big help in everything around 🙂

Moving on to your mix and it is a rapid-fire journey through techno, explain your approach to the mix?

Interesting you have used this comparison as I’d say it expresses quite well what techno mix definitions is to me. However, I also believe that there is more to it… depends on the context. I still try to dive between a few different techno flavours and try to mix them together, but yeah seams I predominantly like this rolling taste in the music.

With such a banging arsenal how did you choose the tracks of yours to include in your mix?

Exactly in the same way as I do during gigs. I have certain idea of the mood I want to go with and I try to transition this feeling to the dance floor. Only in this particular case I have to use my imagination to get the club feeling.

Who else should we be looking out for on your mix?

Check all the artist included in the mix. I like all of them, please follow them.

Interview by  Stu Todd