Terminal V Podcast 021 || Elli Acula

Berlin resident Elli Acula is without doubt an artist for a new creative age. Her intrinsic part of the group of creative minds known as Spandau20 has already started to bear music fruit by way for her first release on the imprint. The fact that she is already working with the likes of Steffi and her home boys FJAAK will indeed mean that further success awaits this multidisciplined artists.

As a result of her time in Detroit, San Diego and other parts of Germany Elli has built up a robust expanse of techno knowledge and she regularly flexes this. Having recently showcased her selection talents for a number well respected brands she now joins the ranks of our podcast series. But, before you check out her blistering mix find out a little more about this new chick on the block…


What has been happening in Berlin lately?

Mainly livestreams, radio shows and virtual club nights got us through this madness. I’m super thankful for the creative scene to put in a lot of brainpower and visionary thoughts in projects that give artists the opportunity to connect to their communities and showcase all different types of art – from all over the world – in every situation. As everything is slowly getting better over here now, you really feel how the vibe on the streets starts flowing again and literally everyone of us is super hyped to rave with their friends hopefully soon again!

Is there anywhere else in the world you could see yourself living? Or is Berlin the only place for you?

Berlin has always been my place of choice. Between San Diego, Detroit and different parts of Germany – I’ve always had the majority of my friends in Berlin. It’s a city that breathes individuality and is ever evolving. However I’ve noticed I can feel at home anywhere as long as I’m with the right people – or of course the right soundsystem.

Turning to your productions, give us the lowdown on your studio, what takes pride of place in your setup?

I’ve been using Korgs oldschool electribes lately and studying what Elektron has to offer. At the moment I am primarily enjoying to work independently from location and time so I appreciate the processing of recordings with Ableton, enabling me to create anytime and anywhere. Also experimenting with my voice has been always fun to me – I recently did this a lot. I wouldn’t call myself a professional singer in this case, but even more it gives me the freedom to express my thoughts without boundaries such as my feelings and ideas on an additional level as a part of the music. When I’m not in the studio, I get inspired by the sounds of my surroundings. I love to field-record wherever I am – it can be the sound of a futuristic door alarm system and it’s robo-voice and beep sounds. Jets when they break the sound barrier or simply the singing of some crazy birds – which I later process and incorporate in my productions.

What have you been cooking up in your studio lately??

PSSSSST! Cooking heat!

Tell us about your involvement in Spandau20? How did this come about?

Spandau20 is family since my teenage years! I’m so happy to be part of this group of extremely talented, creative, honest and grounded people – who are living for music and art. We’re all involved in the musical journey of Spandau20 as well as the visual translation of our vision and special projects like the development of our own NFT’s. In a nutshell: we are a crew that shares the very same passion – so what you see and hear is who we are and what you get!

Can you give us a tour around your mix? Where did you find the tracks, is there any artists we should be looking out for and is there any of your own upcoming tracks in there?

recorded this mix with the feeling of us all dancing united on the dancefloors soon! To be honest, I had some mad goosebumps imagining hearing these tracks in a club setting. That exact vision and mood are what are carrying the positive energy in this mix for me. I miss digging deep in record stores like Hard Wax and playing vinyl only sets. However while adapting to the circumstances the past year, I opened up another world to me of playing unofficially released and digital only tracks by close friends and of course other artists from around the world. This mix includes highly appreciated tracks of mine, keep your eyes open for the tracklist and watch out for a little edit I made. x


Interview by  Stu Todd