Terminal V Podcast 027 || Lucy

By way of their Stroboscopic Artefacts imprint and earlier works Luca Mortellaro aka Lucy has always walked on the avante garde side of electronic music. Their own thought provoking productions and label output has always turned heads and like its owner’s sonic tendencies ranges from ambient soundscapes to forward thinking main room bangers and everything in between.

They may have changed up their look during lockdown but Lucy’s unwavering artistry has remained steadfastly. There is no doubt in our minds that the individuality that the Italian demonstrates will continue to be at the very bedrock of everything they do. It is with great pleasure that we hand over the Terminal V decks to Lucy for an hour-long masterclass in forward thinking electronic music. 

Great to have you join us Luca, how have you been?

Challenging times through the pandemic as for most of us in different ways, but also a chance to look inward much more than we are used to.


Being based in Berlin must be exciting again now that clubs are beginning to open up again where is your favourite place to hang out?

Not on e fave place, actually what’s really exciting is all the new places popping up one after the other. So exploration mode for now!


Techno has grown so much in popularity in recent years, what does modern techno mean to you now?

Modern or older Techno, the core is always about connection through music and dance.


Do you think the commercialisation of techno will be good for the genre or the opposite?

It’s a bit of both, I find it shallow to be judgemental about processes which are absolutely normal in all artistic fields.

Moving onto your music, with your love of hardware have you made any new additions to your setup or do you prefer to master the gear you have?

Very rarely I add new machines… but the Purple Audio compressor is a new beast that I will keep for a long while.


With all the recent restrictions how has this affected your creative process? Are you creating less or more or in different ways from before?

I have been way more creative throughout the pandemic, having much more time than a normal punishing touring schedule allows you to do.

What are you currently working on? Any exciting movement in your various projects or solo outings?

A new album incoming just after summer with a very special approach to the concept of “making an album”. News soon… and some very interesting side projects both new and revived.

Finally, where can we catch you in action next? 

This coming weekend open air at the Festival Planeta in the South of Italy and next weekend at the Anomalie event in Berlin!


Interview by  Stu Todd