Terminal V Podcast 032 || IDA

IDA is a truly international artist and has managed to add a large number of influences to her repertoire. From growing up in Finland, to her formative years spent in our very own club scene to now being based in Berlin she has many sounds to draw from. Her love of all things acid has really taken her on a long lasting musical journey but don’t expect all her tracks to contain 303 wiggles.

This gradual and systematic updating of her sound took a big step forward when she created her own label Savy Records and has already presented tracks from Ryan James Ford and Giodano. The third instalment is being pressed as we speak and you if you listen carefully you will hear one of the tracks from this very EP. So, without further ado we introduce the next edition in our podcast from IDA an honorary Scot with designs on big things that we are confident will be see the light of day very shortly…


Thanks for joining us Ida, how has your summer been?

My pleasure, cheers for the invite! This summer was actually my first summer in Berlin after moving here around March. It’s been brilliant, it felt like the first real summer after all the lockdowns since Covid started.

What prompted the move and how are you enjoying it so far? Any funny stories that you share?

I moved to Berlin after a marketing job, and, of course, its renowned music scene. Lockdown seemed to never end so I was quite desperate to get back to work again to feel like there was some sort of normality in my life. Now, I’m finally settling in and really enjoy living here. I’ve been in many confusing and somewhat funny situations due to not being able to speak German properly, but I’ll save these stories for when I see you – haha!

Having lived in Glasgow you already have a good relationship with Scotland. For somebody who hasn’t experienced it before how would you describe the Scottish clubbing scene?

The Scottish club scene is one of a kind. The troops know how to party and that makes DJing super fun in Scotland. The Scottish crowd is much less reserved than crowds in any other European countries – they really know how to let loose. Gig-wise, there is something in Scotland for every clubber and the clubs are top-notch. So, for anyone who hasn’t ever been to Scotland – it’s definitely worth a visit!

Acid has become a big part of your sound and indeed your life thanks to Acid Flash. Where did this love of Acid come from?

When I started DJing I was very into Acid House and Acid Techno, and I felt like there was a space in the market for this kind of night. So, needless to say, that’s when Acid Flash was established. It all started in a small basement club called Drummonds in Aberdeen, and then after a while it moved to The Tunnels, and then to La Cheetah, and Sub Club in Glasgow. However, as my music taste has evolved through the years, especially after starting a breaks-focused label, the sound of Acid Flash is obviously also reflecting that change and development of taste.

Now that events have returned to Scotland what are your plans for Acid Flash?

Acid Flash WILL be back in the coming months. We also have very exciting collaborations in the pipeline. Watch this space!

Tell us how things have been going in the studio lately? Can we expect to hear anything from you?

That’s true, SAVY003 is currently being pressed and out in 2 months. I still haven’t disclosed any information about the record but am planning to do so in the coming weeks. Both the main artist and remixer are Berlin based – two artists that I look very much up to. The track I’m opening my mix with is actually the remix on the record’s B-side, so listen carefully.

Come Halloween you will be lining up alongside some of the most revered names in the game at our Cargo stage, how do you prepare for such big pressure gigs?

I make very detailed playlists of the tracks I’m planning to play. This is mainly because I don’t want to plan too specifically what to play, but I still want to stay organised and keep different genre / mood tracks in the same folders. Especially, opener slots are often nothing you can really plan too much for as there’s no guarantee how busy the dancefloor will be. Then normally I pick some vinyl to take with me as well – often the latest purchases that I haven’t ripped yet.

Finally, tell us a little more about your podcast that you have recorded for us? Would you say it is similar to Acid Flash or perhaps what you might play at Terminal V?

I guess this mix mainly reflects my current vibe and inspirations, so you can definitely find many breakbeat-infused selections in it. I believe my set at Terminal V will be a bit more rolling techno set, but let’s see! I might also change my mind just before the gig… like I normally do.

Any highlights we should watch out for?

Keep an eye on the new banging releases on a label called Voitax, run by Paal. Also, there’s an absolutely beautiful release coming out soon on Farron’s Shaw Cuts label. Also, Ryan James Ford, the artist behind the first EP on my label, is soon releasing an album that is something else! I can’t wait to get my hands on it. And finally, keep checking my artist page and Sävy Records Instagram to stay up-to-date about SAVY003. I’m super excited for this release to come out!


Interview by Stu Todd