Terminal V Podcast 041 || Truncate

OG techno stalwart Truncate is not about that fame game. Not one bit. All the American artist cares about is his freedom to create the kind of stripped back machine music that has always been the bedrock of his sound. Consistently rubbing shoulders, sharing booths and studios with the best in the game Truncate is right up there with them and has been for some time. Through his label of the same name and his more ghetto tech imprint WRKTRX he has churned out days weeks’ worth of music destined for the finest dancefloors and biggest sound systems.

As well as being an absolute machine in the studio Truncate is also something of an expert behind a set of decks and he is an intrinsic part of the US techno scene. Unfortunately his visits to the UK are few and far between so you will need to make do with this stomping set from Truncate until he magically appears before your very eyes.



Thanks for joining us David how are things with you?

Thanks for having me! I’m pretty good so far! Gigs have been slowly coming back luckily, but still some uncertainty looms so I just take it day by day!

We are now pretty much a whole month into 2022 do you go in for the whole “new year new me” thing? If so what has changed?

I don’t do the new year new me thing, I make changes within myself throughout the year where I think I need it. Also, these days things still seem so uncertain so I just take things day by day.

2021 seems to have been a rather busy time for you gig wise, how has the scene been going in the States? Has there been much in the way of disruption due to restrictions, or has it carried on regardless?

Yeah, I was fortunate that I had a busy 2nd half of 2021. Pretty much when things opened up here in the US, gigs started to come in which I’m grateful for. There’s been so many parties happening in the US and I’m sure it’s due to the scene being closed for so long. People need to work, people need to let loose. Luckily there hasn’t really been any restrictions since we opened up last summer. There are still the scares in rises of cases but seems like it hasn’t really caused any shut downs. Hopefully we’re at the way out of all of this.

We loved the thought provoking question you posed on your Facebook page at the end of the last year about techno in 2022. It brought a lot of negative comments about the state of techno, what is your thoughts on the genre at the moment?

Yeah asking the general public anything will bring negativity haha. You never know if they’re trolling or being honest… I feel like it was a bit of both. I’m a little split on the state of techno right now. It seems like what most people call techno isn’t what it really is… “techno” seems to have gone back into a blanket term for marketability. Techno is hot right now, probably bigger than it ever was and people will exploit it and cash in. Maybe I’m just an old man shaking my fist at the world I dunno, but a lot of techno these days doesn’t feel underground anymore, it feels like its lost its meaning. Either way it’s the music I love and runs thru my veins and it always will.

Do you try to fit in to the genre or just make the music that makes you happy?

I do my thing and make what I like. The only thing that’s probably changed for me at the moment is the BPM. Higher BPMs are popular right now but it seems like these trends come and go. It happened like 20 years ago and I think we’re seeing it all over again. Luckily with my style I can bump up the BPMs and it still works because my tracks are so stripped down. I’m sure in a few years we’re gonna see them drop and maybe have another minimal boom again haha.

You have had a few aliases in your time which would you say has been most pivotal in your artist evolution?

Truncate definitely was the most pivotal. I think making that change was smart for me or maybe it was just luck.

How do you stop them going too far in the direction of another moniker?

I guess I got lucky that the Truncate alias worked out. I felt that each other moniker had its own unique sound but I could’ve easily went crazy and kept going. Truncate will be here for a long time (I hope) and I can do different styles with this alias. Btw bonus points to those who can find another alias I used only once about 10 years ago 😉

Can we expect a resurrection of Broken Rules or Audio Injection or are you fully in Truncate mode now?

Nah I’m in full Truncate mode right now. The other aliases have lost their appeal to me and I have evolved from them… but I also can’t tell the future! But for the time being I don’t see them coming back

Your latest release is with legend Josh Wink, tell us more about the track and the process for writing it?

Yeah, we started this collab back in 2019 while Josh was in town for a show. He stayed at my place a few days so we could put down some ideas… we didn’t really go into the studio with any specific ideas in mind, except for the vocals, which he had written out beforehand. We recorded the vocals and sort of built the track around that. I guess once the vocals were recorded we started to go a bit more trippy and heady, something different than I’m used to. I generally keep it super clubby and straight forward but seeing how Josh worked was inspiring for me and gave me a lot of ideas for my own future productions. We focused on a lot of little edits as you can hear in the track. We wanted to make it a bit more druggy sounding and it worked out. PS there are also 2 more tracks that we wrote which haven’t seen the light of day YET.

What did you both bring to the table with the track and how did you arrive at the final version?

Josh was the edit master and I was more drum focused but we both noodled around on my synths and came up with different ideas. I think we both mutually agreed with the track as it came along… the only change in the end was the kick drum which I felt needed to pop a bit more as it’s just the way I like to have kicks in my tracks. Josh tends to want the kicks to be a bit deeper in the mix while I like them a bit harder and more up front.

What else do you have coming up from the studio?

I have a couple of EPs I’ve done, one for my more clubby/ghetto label WRKTRX which has a remix by Ben Sims. Then I have an EP on my imprint which I think I threw a curveball on. One of the tracks will probably surprise a lot of people and I think a lot of people will also hate it, but I love it so that’s what matters to me haha!

Can you sum up your mix in a few sentences please? Perhaps thought process when planning and recording the mix, emotions that you try to convey, music included.

This mix captures the sound that I’m into right now. It’ll be straight forward, jackin, funky and also a little heady at some points. A mix of old and new. I went into my collection to dig out some classics that maybe some people forgot about or never heard before. I hope you enjoy it!


Interview by Stu Todd