Terminal V Podcast 042 || T78

Since his first rave tinged EP on his own Autektone Records imprint Italian artist T78 has worked tirelessly to present a unique twist on the tougher end of the techno spectrum. Laying claim to a sprawling discography that spans many years T78 has featured on several techno stables such as Fe Chrome, Kuda Audio and Reinier Zonneveld’s Filth On Acid but it is his own imprint that has seen the evolution of the Italians sound.

T78’s extensive journey into sound has led him to this point and that is where he has devised a collection of tracks that make up his new long form release – #onlybombs. Not wishing to lose any energy in his tracks he has trimmed all the fat from his productions in the name of only curating bomb tracks and the result is ten finely tuned weapons that offer a true insight into the capabilities of this talented artist.



Welcome to Terminal V Manuele, with us being just a few weeks in to 2022, how was 2021 been for you?

Surely it was a strange year with a lot of adaptation on every level. Overall it was not a bad year all, got a son into my life and had quality time with my family. Further I had time to focus on my music which resulted in my Album #onlybombs which got released in December. Of course, I would have loved to perform more in 2021, but managed to have full schedule in the periods it was possible. Let us hope that this year will be more normal again!

Unfortunately, the Italian club scene is still in stormy weathers. It only had 4 months where they could do something. I unfortunately had to postpone already twice my solo night in Spazio Roma due to restrictions being tightened. I hope that 2022 will be better for the scene in general and that we can party and dance with each other again.

Congrats on recently surpassing the massive milestone of 100 releases on Autektone Records, what did the achievement mean to you?

Thank you, I’m super proud what we have achieved with my team in such a short time and of course with all the support and love we get back from the scene. Autektone is purely the way I see techno and what energy I would like to feel and experience when I am a clubber. No matter where the scene is going, I’ll always keep it real to what I feel!

How did you celebrate it?

We announced the album #onlybombs and presented the first single of the album “Liquid Night”. I had it road tested for months and actually started this track 3 years ago…I was just waiting for the perfect timing as personally I believe this is one of the best techno track I ever produced.

Autektone at one point was purely for your own productions, what made you begin releasing other artists?

In the beginning, I couldn’t find anything close to my vision of techno. What I heard was mainly too groovy or too static, I couldn’t find a match for my music. But slowly (thanks to some popular tracks I made) I started to get connected with more like minded and received demos from new talented producers who sent me music which fitted perfect in the label’s vibe and my musical philosophy.

How did you manage the release schedule during the difficult COVID period? Was it made easier or harder during this time?

Music is my passion, I produced and released even more! There is so much good music out there, that I don’t get it that due to lockdowns and the closing of the clubs you would hold back and wait with releasing dance music. We didn’t have any problem filling up our schedule. Everybody is in need of good music always!

You just released your #onlybombs album, the title of the album speaks for itself. How do you know if you have a bomb on your hands? What makes a track a bomb?

Over 25 successful years in several genres as a producer/dj, it has given me the skills and the awareness to exactly know what I’m doing and what I want to create! My definition of techno is a very personal mix of multiple experiences that started when I was a kid in the late 80’s. High energetic and creating a solidarity feeling on the floor. When this all matches and the crowd goes off.. there you have the bomb #onlybombs

What do you have coming up from your studio?

A lot of new music is on its way as always, but first I’m enjoying the feedback I get from my album. In the meantime, I’m working on new music and in the meantime, I will be releasing some cool remixes from other artists like Ferry Corsten and Will Atkinson. Don’t worry I’ll keep on dropping #onlybombs.

I watched your interview with Spartaque where you discussed how you searched for your music and the length of time you took to do it. Is this still a part of your track selection process?

Honestly not, because in 2020 my old podcast (The planet’s voice) stopped to go online every week. I had to search all over Beatport and other portals to find music which would fit my personal philosophy of how techno should sound. Now my new podcast #onlybombs is up every first week of the month, which is a big time saver. I’m in need of less tracks to fill the track list. 😉

On stage, I’m still only playing my own stuff or sometimes tracks from Autektone.

Tell us about your podcast for Terminal V? How did you select the tracks for this mix?

I selected the best tracks from the label combined with some others new music from others with a little overlay of my own tracks, all squeezed in 1 bombing hour for your eargasm!

Your set for us in April won’t be your first visit to Scotland, how would you describe the vibe of performing here?

I played several times in Scotland, also in my past career to the legendary The Arches and I know that the Scottish are very crazy and super enthusiastic party people. Terminal V will be my first time entering a big stage in Scotland…….so: “Here we fucking go Scotland, #onlybombs!”


Interview by Stu Todd