Terminal V Podcast 047 || Marie Montexier

A well-travelled artist that belies her young years as she has already starred at many of techno’s centre points including Berlin’s Berghain and Griesmuehle, Munich’s Blitz Club, Amsterdam’s Radion, London’s fabric, and that has ll just been within the last 12 months. Her French roots now laid in Germany’s nutrient rich soil she is in the process of blooming into a star of the European techno scene.

All niceties aside Marie bangs with the best of them and with an upbringing in the word of hip hop there is a seriously diverse sound palette under the hood. These are the elements that she calls upon during her DJ sets and will continue to do so as she makes her way around the globe on her ascent to the upper echelons of techno.



Welcome to the Terminal V podcast Marie, what do you have in store for your mix for us?

I start the mix with a techno classic by legendary artist Jeff Mills. The record is a newer release from 2016 released on -Axis-. A long intro and a combination trance and old-school elements. After that the set gets a bit darker and more techno-ish, but you should definitely experience it yourself – the joy should not be anticipated!

Who is hot in your record bag at the moment? Who can we expect to see in your mix for us?

Definitely music from D.dan! 
And I always have some old-school 90’s Trance and Tribal Techno records in my bag recently.

Going back to your origins tell us about how you found your way to electronic music?

There’s not that much to tell. My first electronic party experience was in a youth centre in Siegburg/ Germany. Step by step, my interest in club music and its diversity grew.

Has techno always been your first love?

Definitely no! I went from hip-hop to new wave, back to hip-hop and then took the turn into electronic breakbeats. Breakbeat was my first love in club music before I dived deeper into it and also developed a love for techno.

Your touring schedule is becoming ever busy, does this leave any room for you to produce your own music?

I‘m not producing but studying next to touring. So quite hard to handle both. I wish I had time for producing!

With more and more dance floors opening up again where springs to mind as being one of your best gigs lately?

I really enjoyed Kauz in Zurich and Macadam in Nantes. I liked Macadam so much, that I arranged a Warning party there later this year. It will go down in May and I will play b2b Kikelomo. I am really looking forward to it!

What made it so good?

The vibessss!

What does the future hold for Marie Montexier?

Many great projects. Socially sustainable projects that will challenge me as an artist and will provide a more open and supportive future for all of the young upcoming artists of the next generation. Plus, there will be the festival summer to that I think we’re all really looking forward to!


Interview by Stu Todd