Terminal V Podcast 048 || Glaskin

After a little hiatus, we’re delighted to be kick-starting our podcast series with a powerful new mix from the Munich brothers, Glaskin. They are a core part of their local scene with a residency at Blitz Club, which is also a good description of the arresting techno the pair make and play. In the past, they have released on the mighty Hotflush Recordings but these days keep their sounds for their own well-regarded Yael Trip label.

The mix they have put together for us this week is high impact, high intensity and high class: it takes in peak time techno and flurries of breakbeats, but all stitched together with control and progression. As you stick it on and get ready for the weekend, read what the pair have to say about their hometown, the relationship between them when they play and the progression of their label amongst other things…



How are you? How has 2022 been for you so far? Does it feel like things are back to normal?

Things definetely feel better at the moment. Life is kind of normal again and there are way less restrictions, which feels really good to be honest. During the pandemic we worked a lot on our musical style and found what we were looking for. So we have been very busy in the studio so far in 2022 producing new music.

How much does your native city of Munich, its weather, architecture, parties and people influence the music you make and play, whether directly or indirectly?

Munich has a side to it that not alot of people necesserily know. And this side is very wild and young. You can really feel that side when visiting Blitz Club. There is always a special energy in the room and no party is like the other. We always felt that the club has been changing how we approach our DJ sets and our studio sessions. But especially since its reopening we have realized the impact that the club has had on our musical development. We have changed a lot since the beginning of our residency. We think the club gave us the identity we were not knowingly/consciously looking for. We feel really confident and blessed to be part of this community.

As a brotherly duo how does it work in the studio – who does what? Do you each take care of certain aspects of the music?

Generally speaking Ferdi is focussing on the drums and rhythms while Jonathan always dives more into the harmonies, soundscapes, basslines, and all the other sonic elements you can find in our tracks. We don’t necessarily have to be in the studio together. Very often Ferdi sends me a draft and I’ll develop it from there and vice versa.

And when DJing, do you do strict one each back to back or half hour each or what?

Yes it’s mostly always a strict one-each-track-b2b, but since we have several tracks running simultaniously most of the time it’s not that easy to draw a line. As we always try to compliment the current track/groove with the one that’s following up.

How long did it take to get that unspoken chemistry between the two of you when you play? Do you ever try and stitch each other up with the tunes you leave the other one on, or try and outdo each other with what you pull out the bag?

Like we mentioned earlier the residency is the biggest part of our developement as DJs. So it’s basically one year of trying out things in there and then being forced to stop playing due to the pandemic. But we kept working during those two years and then finally came back with an amazing synergy between us. Not that there was no synergy before but definitely feels special now.

For us its all about positive energy and synergy. So most of the time the both of us are heavily focussed on delivering a fast-paced, groovy and driving trip from start to finish!

You started your YAEL Trip label in 2019. How have you found it so far? What are the best and worst bits about it, what’s the sound of it?

We believe in making good music will ultimately bring you your following. So we wanted to make our own label to have the freedom to do whatever we perceive as good.The last months we have been focussing on gathering and releasing serveral Remixes by renowned Artists such as “Planetary Assault Systems” and Etapp Kyle’s remix of “Slim Line” which came out today, by the way. Since we get a lot of support for our label by artists we admire, we’re thinking about starting to release music from other artists as well and by doing that building a community around the label. While it certainly is awsome to be your own Boss and working on your brand, you have to work constantly to keep things going. Otherwise everything stands still as nobody is doing the job for you, which can be a negative aspect of it but at the moment things are running really good.

You are involved in the production of a couple of German festivals. What’s the motivation for that? Is it another creative outlet? What pleasure do you take from it?

Back in 2012 we really wanted to do a festival, so we tried. To be honest It was a lucky strike, we expected maybe 200 people but there were suddenly 2000 people showing up. We somehow managed to handle everything and landed big success. We basically did the right thing at the right time. In the beginning there was no money for a proper lineup, so we just a had a couple of friends at the decks. And in a way we are trying to keep that mentality, as we are big supporters of our locals and smaller acts. We always mix the stages running order with bigger and smaller names as well as local artists. It keeps things fresh and interesting. By now there is a big Family behind the whole project and everytime we start constructing the festival site it feels like a week long holiday camp for all of us. Obviously the pandemic has been hard for any promoter but we are back for this summers festival season, which feels great! But in the end its a lot of work and not really a creative outlet eventhough there are tasks which require creativity but Ferdi is more involved in the productuon progress of the festival.

You also hold a residency at Blitz Club. How different do you play there than as headliners? Do you have more freedom as the crowd knows you well? Is it also an important place to learn about playing in different contexts?

Blitz Club has been a key factor in our development as DJs. Especially when it comes to playing in different contexts. It challenges us every month with a new booking and a new playtime. Since the crowd does know us very well by now we definetly feel that we have more freedom, yes. Having said that, we think the most valuable slot is probabably the warm up slot – which we played a lot in the past. You set the mood for the night so you really have to think much more about the music and when to play which track then when you play peak time. The first hour – when people are arriving – is almost like a listening session and then you go from there as the club is packed very quickly from midnight on. And of course we also get to play peak time or closing sometimes which is always major fun!

Tell us about your mix for us, where and when it was recorded and what the aim with it was?

With the mix we wanted to create what can you expect from us when you hear us play prime time. We love those old school vibes combined with a bit of breakbeat and modern Techno. There is a lot of three or four deck mixing going on here. It was recorded this week at Jonathan’s home on our DJ set up with 2 turntables and 3 CDJS. Positive Energy all over!

What else have you got coming up are you working on?

In the next months there are definetely a few things happening. While playing on several festivals during the summer, we have a lot of remixes coming up on our own label YAEL Trip by awsome artists like Etapp Kyle, Baby T and many more for our recent single ‘Slim Line’ or some tracks from our debut LP ‘Klaftertief’. We will also release some music on two other great labels very soon – which we can’t name now but will do very soon.


Interview by Kristan Caryl