Terminal V Podcast 059 || Thelma


Thelma is on a fast rise to the top right now. The London-based but Swiss-raised artist is fresh off the back off an Australian tour and has been hard at work crafting a raft of new tracks that will arrive later in the year.

Her own sound is drawn to the ambient and experimental end of the spectrum and has come on labels likThey all tap into the sound of her DJ sets, which is often on the eerie end of the techno spectrum and always cinematic. They draw on her experiences as a film student and more recently she has begun to be influenced by the sound of the English capital so breaks and electro are ever more present in her work.

Here we speak to her about how she got into the scene in her native Lausanne, what motivated her in the first place and what she has coming up. Get stuck in while you get lost in the wide-ranging podcast she has served up for us this week…

How has summer been for you so far, what have been some highlights?

After coming back from my Australia tour, it was really good to get some time in the studio. Producing is one of my favourite things and summer is the best time for it. I also visited Ibiza for the first time, a destination that had been on my bucket list for ages (both as a DJ and club goer). Seeing the energy and club culture there really inspired me.

How did you get into electronic music in Lausanne, what clubs, parties, DJs turned you on?

Every weekend without fail, I would be at Folklor. It started out quite small at first, with lineups mainly consisting of up and coming DJs. Those were the best nights by far. I had attended techno events in bigger spots like D Club, but Folklor is where I really fell in love with the genre.

And why did you initially want to be a DJ and producer? What was the main thing that attracted you to it?

My family is very musical and I started singing at the age of 3. However, during high school and university years I completely stopped until I came across electronic music. I was listening to a lot of Mall Grab and Abr. and vowed that I would make similar music some day. There was something about the eerie and nostalgic synths in that kind of techno that I loved.

What’s the scene like now in Lausanne? Is it healthy? Does it have a signature sound and style?

Hardgroove has been on the rise in Lausanne for quite some time now. I noticed a shift from hard and fast to groovy techno when I went to visit a few months back. To be honest, I spend almost all of my time in London now and I feel like the music scene there is definitely healthy.

What took you to London? And what impact has that move had on the sort of sounds you make, play and listen to? Has the city, its people, clubs and landscape changed your musical outlook do you think?

I absolutely love the music scene here. I originally moved to study my masters in documentary film in 2022 and began DJing that year. Because of London I’ve started to experiment with more breaks and electro as well as finding ways to fit that into my techno sound. The rave scene here has definitely changed my outlook on music, especially with the organisation of independent events/parties. People are welcoming and it makes it that much easier to get involved in the community, no matter your status as a DJ.

What is your own signature sound, what do you think separates your sets and productions from the crowd?

As a former film student, I feel like my productions are always guided by an imaginary film in my mind, and how the track would fit within that. Mood-wise, I am always going for something nostalgic that will transport the listener while simultaneously maintaining its high energy roots. Producing and mixing different genres in a way that flows as well as surprises the audience is my biggest goal as an artist.

What do you have coming up?

At the end of August I am playing one of my dream festivals, Creamfields. It’s an honour to be on a lineup alongside such talented artists, especially at the early stage I’m at in my career. I’m feeling incredibly blessed and have got so many unreleased tracks I can’t wait to share, releasing later this year. My first headline show is also taking place in London this September. Every time I play in my city my love for the scene grows, so I’m really looking forward to it.

Tell us about your mix, the aim you had with it, and what you wanted it to say.

The mix starts off with euphoric, high energy grooves, progressing towards darker electro. I wanted it to show my love for all of these tracks, despite being so different, proving that they can co-exist within the same space.


Interview by Kristan Caryl