Terminal V Podcast 064 || Neoma

Neoma’s Instagram bio says that she operates “Somewhere between dreams and reality” which is a perfect description of her sound. It is rooted in techno but takes on many qualities from dark and sexy to euphoric and trance-y and has taken the Glasgow-based talent all across the UK and Europe in the last year or so. Her productions, too, are making waves and finding their way into several influential sets with more lined up to arrive pretty quickly in 2024.

In an insightful interview, we talk about the evolution of the image of the DJ, about what first got Neoma into the music, about the relationship between herself and her artist alias and more about the dream she has for herself this year and beyond. Get reading while you get lost in her acerbic selections which mix up plenty of different techno styles with aplomb…

How was the festive period for you – how did you spend it? Is it a time to party hard or to rest and recuperate?

It was definitely a resting period for me this year! I had two nights out which were so much fun but the rest was downtime – chilling with family & friends, really focusing on health and working on music

Did you set any New Year’s resolutions for 2024, or if you had to what might they be, either personally or musically?

Take more action; hold myself more accountable and make a conscious effort to do more things I want to do. My logic is that the magic I’m looking for is in the work I’m avoiding, and there’s no shortcuts to anywhere worth going – so she better go do the extra work. And also try to stop being late all the time

What was your initial inspiration for getting into DJing – was it the music, wanting to control the vibe of a party, the performance aspect or something else?

It felt like a natural progression for me, a few years back it was never a thought for a second that my life trajectory would be becoming a DJ. I loved electronic music from a really young age and was always so intrigued by the sounds and how to make them, so after spending lots of time in club environments/working in Sub Club for years I saved up and went to music production school (shoutout to Subside Academy & Simon Stokes!). After I started making music/sending tunes to people I was being asked to do gigs but I couldn’t DJ, so initially I started learning as I thought it would be cool to be able to play my own tunes out

You have a strong look. How much is that part of your performance, part of the character Neoma?

My look is completely unrelated to performance etc – I’ll look the same regardless of profession. I started getting piercings and dying my hair wild colours about 15 years ago and started tattooing about 10 years ago. I’ve never considered anything about the way I look as part of a performance or character. It’s a personal thing, it’s just the way I am. ‘Neoma’ is nothing more than a stage/artist name; you’ll get exactly the same person from me always, no matter if onstage/backstage/dancefloor or wherever else we might meet 🙂

I feel like this is a new aspect of techno these days – DJs are allowed to celebrate themselves and their individuality in the way bands and pop artists have for years. Would you agree?

I feel there’s many layers to this. In general people are a lot more rebellious against previous ‘norms/standards’. So many folk now have a ‘fuck it’ attitude and do their own thing so much more freely. I think every single person has the right to – and should – express their individuality as authentically as possible. It can form real genuine connections with others (even when you’re least expecting it) which is something I value a lot in life. It’s cool to see people grow and be more confident in their own expression. But ultimately as a DJ the music is most important. If you’re a DJ living off the hype of your individuality or whatever, especially if you’re a shit DJ.. I think that’s cringe

Do you set career or personal goals, do you allow yourself to have dreams? If so, can you share any for 2024?

I definitely dream. I dream big. The work is making them be a part of my reality. If you want something enough and are consistent with your energy input to it, there’s only one way it can go – in your favour. Career/personal intertwine with one another. I’ve always wanted a career that allows me to travel and live life fully, and I’ve been working hard on 2 at the same time. I’m a draughter/set designer for film/tv and have recently gotten a promotion I really wanted which I’m so chuffed about. However, going full time with music is ultimately my goal right now, so we’ll see what happens

Tell us about the mix you have done for us – where and when did you do it and on what gear?

I done it at home on 2 CDJ 3000s and a xone92 on Sunday night.

What was the aim of it, did you set yourself a certain mission before starting out?

im – Fun, high energy, bouncy, sexy tunes that make you pull a bass face, sprinkled with ethereal mind-bending trippyness. Mission accomplished I reckon. It’s full of absolute belters!

What’s next, what do you have coming up or what are you working on right now?

I have a few forthcoming tracks on some of my favourite labels right now which is so exciting (can’t drop names yet though); a trancey number on a Colombian label (8th March), a psy techno track on a label from Cologne, and currently working on a track for a massive UK label. All will be released within the next few months! Also got another few podcasts lined up over the coming weeks/months, as well as gigs and starting other tracks, so certainly keeping busy

Interview by Kristan Caryl